Self-Service Analytics

Empowering the Agile Enterprise

Six ways self-service analytics can help

As organizations face up to the reality of rapidly changing business conditions and increasingly demanding customers, the pressure for them to remove the shackles of centralized decision making and develop a more agile culture continues to grow.

In this new eBook; 'Empowering the Agile Enterprise: Six ways self-service analytics can help', business transformation expert Sean Culey carefully describes the current challenges facing businesses and how business user self-service analytics can help enable this transition and create a much more agile and adaptive environment.

As leading consumer companies continue to set the bar higher and higher, elevating customer expectations to previously unachievable levels, consumers now find themselves yearning for the same or similar experiences elsewhere; regardless of the industry or location. With Amazon now having proficiently launched a one-hour delivery service on over 25,000 items, something which was rightly lauded by the public and critics alike, consumer base expectations have never been higher. Agility has therefore never been so key.

In this thought provoking eBook Sean details how self-service analytics can enable organizations to save time, become more agile, increase employee engagement, free IT resources and help close the gap between strategy and execution - allowing more time and money to be directed at addressing the challenge of staying relevant in an increasingly innovative world.

Self-service business analytics is at the heart of what Every Angle delivers and true to what we believe. We could not have agreed more with the thoughts and opinions shared by Sean during his eBook!

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